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Scaldcrow Games has arrived in its new home of Staunton, Virginia. We miss all of our friends and colligues in Greensboro, NC but look forward to making more here in Staunton.

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Streets of Samhain

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If you missed this rough, unedited product in 2013 we are giving folks another crack to download it. Join groups of rebellious outcasts as they take on forces of the supernatural and undead using high-powered muscle cars and rat-rods. This is high octane adventure at its best. It is free to download here.

Streets of Samhain Download Now!

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Wild West Horse Opera

This is an exciting new Worlds of Pulp product from Scaldcrow Games. The product allows you to create adventures in a basic, traditional western setting in the 1800s, or take a less traditional route, such as masked vigilantes, or in the case of Gunsmoke and Shadows, by John Fox; join teams of federal agents as they search for answers in the mysterious west, in a X-Files-ish approach to a western.

Night of the Wendigo

This stand-alone book is offered as part of the Wild-West Horse Opera release. Join Federal Agents as they seek to discover and confront the ancient and frightening mysteries of the Wild West.

Written by John Fox
Cover Art by  Ben Mirabelli

On the Workbench

Pulp Rocket: A generator for pulp science fiction settings; The Devil's Hat Saloon, a saloon for Sabrefork. A generic western saloon.