The specific location of Cape Noire is never given in the initial Brother Bones stories detailed in Ron Fortier's Cape Noire RPG; for the sake of game continuity we have placed it in oregon, approximately, in the real world location of Coos Bay.

There is a poster map available for download, showing Cape Noir and featuring artwork by Rob Moran. You may download this map for free! Click Here

For each character you generate, click once to determine the foundation statistics of the character
GoonGangsters, hoods, and killers make up an important part of the Cape Noire backdrop.
CharacterGenerate a character in the style of Ron Fortier's Cape Noire RPG. HookThere are well over a hundred, polished, story hooks in Ron Fortier's Cape Noire RPG game book, but frankly we just love hooks! Now you can produce thousands more.

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