Trivia: Did you know that Rotwang City was named after the character, Doctor Rotwang, in the silent movie, Metropolis?
T. Glenn Bane wanted there to be a constant element in the city design that would remind him not to forget about melodrama in his designs. 

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GoonGangsters, hoods, and killers make up an important part of the Rotwang City backdrop.
MastermindRacketeers and criminal masterminds rule the streets of Rotwang City. Rum RoadRum road is a term in Rotwang City that refers to a labyrinth of hidden tunnels beneath the city once used by pirates and smugglers.

Trivia: T. Glenn Bane attended the SCAD in Savannah, GA, and was so enamored by the city that he used it as a model to construct Rotwang City. Filling it with old world flavor of the deep south and then adding elements of cities like Chicago provided the elements that Rotwang needed to breathe.

Trivia: Rum Road received inspiration from the legendary, and vaguely mythopoeic pirate tunnels that are said to run beneath the streets in the historic district in Savannah, GA. Legend has it, that the tunnels had two purposes: one was to allow pirates to escape to their ships, anchored nearby; the second that they would abduct drunk townies and whisk them out of town via the secret tunnels for the purpose of pressing them into service aboard their pirate ship. How could Bane resist intertwining a similar story around Rotwang City. Rum Roads were born.

Trivia: Davey Beauchamp, once suggested that the character, Rocket Kid, was like the only bright shining light in an otherwise dark city. He was correct, of all of the heroes and vigilantes in the city, only RK has an innocent soul.

Trivia: Did you know that Rotwang City's Knaves (T. Glenn Bane), and Gotham City's Court of Owls (DC) were both copyrighted and in the same year. In many respects they are very different, while in many respects they are very similar.

A Few Heroes, Vigilantes and Neutrals

Dirty Deeds, Rocket Kid, Dashing Devil, Mayor Altor, The Scorpion, Ralph Nelson, Ricochet, Det. Tuf Wiley

A Few Gangsters, Murderers, and Evil Magnates

Night Fury, Lady Zaska, Vector, Alfransais Brainvine, Granite Hammer, Zaska's Dogs, Mahjongg, Iron Shroud

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