Ron Fortier's Cape Noire RPG
by T. Glenn Bane

The newest product from Scaldcrow Games is  Ron Fortier's Cape Noire RPG. This book details the city of Cape Noire (Ron Fortier's original fictional city, and stomping grounds of Brother Bones). This was carefully accomplished by reading and rereading all of Ron's stories, while taking eaticulous notes to aid in approximating the likely locations of key businesses and landmarks. We were confident that Ron had likely detailed an entire city, as an incidental byproduct of writing his various anthologies. Add to this locations detailed in other works published by Airship 27, such as Six Days of the Dragon, and Bullets of Jade, Cape Noire slowly sprung to life as a richly detailed city and game location in our Worlds of Pulp series.   

It is never enough for us to simply accomplish one task, so we made sure there was a solemn and respectful nod inside this book to the creator who made it possible, American author, Ron Fortier. Inside this book is a complete guide to the characters and their respective stories of origin. This index of characters also includes a couple of other stories that involved crossovers with Ron Fortier's character, Brother Bones.

This is the first Scaldcrow Book to include the name of Drew Meyer in the author's byline. We are proud to have veteran Crow, Meyer in our family. Many of you may recognize his contributions to Davey Beauchamp's Amazing Pulp Adventures and Rotwang City. He has written starter adventures, story hooks, and short stories. He even has one story featured in Ron Fortier's anthology, Legends of New Pulp Fiction. 


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