Trivia: Davey Beauchamp has said that reading comics was a major method he used in coping with his dyslexia. It was then that he first began conceptualizing Mister Adventure and the many characters of Sapphire City.

APA Character  Amazing Pulp Adventures, original hero. Use this generator and the character sheet located in grab bag to create a ready to play character from Sapphire City, circa 1940's. Patriotism was at an all-time high and heroes at home stood for the security of the American Way of Life, freedom, and liberty. 
 Foundation For each APA character you generate, click once to determine the foundation statistics of the character

A Few of the Heroes
Mister Adventure, Mighty Mace, Lovelace, Stone, Kid Adventure, Platinum Fox, Doc Tech, Crimson Moth


A Few of the Villains
Doctor Zhou, Pandion, Masked Gunfighter, Vic Vicious, Atomik Fist, Der Schartz Geist, Purple Lotus, Super Zombie


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