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Every month, pick up a free campaign setting for Worlds of Pulp, in the B3 system. You will also find other downloadable goodies. Let us know how the games go. If you enjoy the settings, we may flesh them out as a more finished product. Let us know at; subject line: 10 cent copy. If we use your ideas, you will be listed in the credits of the publication. Pulp was fearless in its willingness to open doors to new ideas, genres and themes. We hope to contribute in our own way.

Streets of Samhain,  Free untested or edited download
Its rebellious youth in high-octane, muscle cars takes on vampires, werewolves, zombies, and more.
Download your unedited copy right here.

Young Outsiders wage war against the creatures of the night on the streets of the city. 

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This product uses the Worlds of Pulp: Bare Bones Beyond system. If you do not have B3, it is available here:
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This Month in Pulp

March 6, 1917
Death of Eill Eisner. Learn more about the legendary comic book artist! Learn more
March 1, 1919 J. Hampton Bishop's, The Shadow of Race first appears in The Thrill Book where you find “Iluko The goddess of fire.” Learn more
March, 1923
The first issue of Weird tales was published. Learn more
March 1933
The first Doc Savage magazine is published. Learn more
March 15, 1937
H.P. Lovecraft’s death. Learn more                                                                                                                                                                                                

On the Workbench

We are currently preparing the last fulfillment of the Kickstarter volumes for Worlds of Pulp.